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  • KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital Vision


    The Preferred Healthcare Provider
  • KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital Mission


    Deliver Quality Healthcare Services
  • KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital Core Values

    Core Values

    Safety, Courtesy, Integrity, Professionalism, Continuous Improvement
Our Vision is to be THE PREFERRED HEALTHCARE PROVIDER to our clients as we endeavor to be their lifelong companion throughout their healthcare journey. To this end, we offer a continuum of highly sought after specialized medical solutions that transcend borders and cultures while covering the entire client's lifecycle from pre-natal to geriatric care and lastly the end of life.

As we go all out to implement our Mission of DELIVERING QUALITY HEALTHCARE SERVICES and providing Par Excellence, we remain committed to delivering world-class client's care with professionalism and an undivided compassion to the countless communities that we serve. At the same time, we continue to better on our provision of quality healthcare services through continuous improvement in client's care and outcomes via suggestions and up trends of the healthcare industry.

The KPJ Ipoh team undertakes its roles and responsibilities with a spirit of excellent and a passion that exceeds stakeholder expectations first time, every time. They are guided by the Group's Core Values of Ensuring Safety, Delivery Services with Courtesy, Performing Duties with Integrity, Exercising Professionalism at all time, and Striving for Continuous Improvement.

Competitive Environment

From the initial 75 bedded hospital now KPJ Ipoh has the bed capacity of 275 beds. KPJ Ipoh is one of the leading private hospital in the state of Perak with almost 31% share of private hospital beds.

KPJ Ipoh provides a wide range of services to the community in the state of Perak. We were the pioneer hospital in Perak that provides Cardiac thoracic Service; this has helped the community from travelling more than 300km to Kuala Lumpur or more than 200km to Penang for cardiothoracic surgery.

Beside of this, KPJ Ipoh is also one of the first private hospital that provide neurosurgical, oncology, cardiac cartelization, and the 1st hospital in Malaysia being certified successfully by OHSAS, 1st hospital in Perak in obtaining the full certification of the MSQH, among the 1st KPJ hospitals successful in receiving BFHI status, and the 1st KPJ hospital to successfully launch the Baby Hatch.

Healthcare industry in Malaysia is experiencing a steady growth and expansion to meet the needs of the society and communities at large. The increased consumer awareness translates to an increased demand for improved healthcare services. Due to this scenario, KPJ Ipoh always strive to provide better services, introduce new product with advance technology at the right time and offer very competitive price to meet clients' needs and market requirements.

KPJ group has a better advantage in benchmarking their information system or data than from a group of hospitals for their individual upgrade and improvement in term of serving our clients better.

Strategic Context

KPJ Ipoh had implemented various strategies and programs to improve our healthcare services. Being a member of the KPJ Healthcare Group, the hospital obviously has many competitive advantages that we can leverage on, to manage new challenges.

Continuous improvement with implementation of the Quality Activities such as the IMS to standardize the system and work processes to streamline the success of the objectives. With the current public unstated demand, we have ventured into obtaining the Food Safety Management System.

We are also fortunate to have our own nursing and allied health colleges. This is a clear advantage for KPJ given that the sector is facing a shortage of doctor and nurses.

We are constantly reviewing our 5 years strategic to ensure we are in line with the future direction set by the Group.